Matt, the owner, is a Murray resident who started The Burrito Shack in Murray, KY in October of 2009 with the help of his father Ralph.  Ralph is a farmer by trade and Matt grew up working with his father until he was able to begin work at his first restaurant, Sirlion Stockade at the age of 15.  He worked in several different restaurants at multiple positions where he gained most of his knowledge for the food industry.  In 2003 he attended Murray State University and majored in Business Administration.  He graduated in 2008 and moved to Nashville where he worked at Dell inside sales for almost a year before deciding that working for someone else was not the path he wanted to take.  Coincidentally, at the same time, Ralph had invested some money in the stock market in 2008 and felt the effects of the recession as many people did around that time.  So after the two talked, Ralph decided to invest his money elsewhere and the idea for a restaurant seemed perfect.  Matt returned to Murray in March of 2009 to begin putting together a business plan.  They saw the area they lived in was missing the trendy QSR, build-your-own burrito style restaurant and decided to fill a niche.  The Burrito Shack was born.  They looked for several locations before landing right on Murray State University's campus.  It started off slow, but as their experience from starting a restaurant from nothing and their food evolved, the customer base began expanding year after year.  They have embraced the students and faculty and absolutely love being located on a college campus!